Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Etched Glass gifts

Today I am showing off a couple of gifts I made for Christmas.  I got a Silhouette Portrait in December and was really excited to try out many of the cool things a Silhouette could do!

My parents recently re-did their kitchen and my Mom got a new China cabinet.  She commented at Thanksgiving that now she had room for another set of wine glasses (yup, she already has some wine glasses.  I'm beginning to think she's become a collector ;)).  I got some plain-ish wine glasses and  Monogram/etched them with a 'B'.  Etching was waaaaayyyyyyy too much fun!!!

This is a set of Hot Cocoa mugs for my In-laws.  The crane is from one of my logo's and I just LOVE the look of it.  

I am finally getting caught up on blog posts and have some new bags & sewing projects to share so come back again soon.  Thanks for popping by :)

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  1. Don't worry about the gift any more with etched glass you could be able to give with a perfect kind of remembrance or token.