Friday, February 28, 2014

Ruffled Tote bag for Kimmie

Tell me this isn't just the cutest, girliest bag ever?!  My friend Kimmie sent me a picture of a ruffled tote (ya know the one on Pinterest where they bought a canvas tote from Michaels?) and asked if I could make it for her, naturally I said, "of course!" I did tell her that I wanted to make the bag though and not get a cheap store bought, if I'm putting my time and effort in to something I want it to last!!  I made a couple of adjustments to mine... 
First off, of course I made the base of the bag.  It's roughly 14" x 14" x 3.5" (close to the same as the store bought tote), I also lined mine (see below) and it has a layer of fleece/batting and some interfacing... I wanted the bag to have a nice "shape" as well as a little bit of solidity (padding).  I also made my ruffles differently, while I'm in favor of the whole "shabby chic" look, I wanted Kimmie to be able to wash this and not end up with a hot mess on her hands ;)  So for my ruffles I cut the fabric strips to 5" wide and then folded in half (if you look up her ruffles the underside is finished as well).  To cover the raw edge of the top ruffle I made a small band and sewed it on, next time I will likely just make the top ruffle bigger (5 3/4") and then tuck the raw edge under and sew on.  I had so much fun making those fabric rosettes!  I went a little crazy and made a few "extra's", I'm sure I'll find a use for them ;)  On PILLOWS FOR THE COUCH!!! lol The Male population in my house would so NOT appreciate PINK or FLORAL rosettes on the couch pillows (they have no taste!). 
Kimmie really LOVES pink, so while I wanted to add some other colors I made sure that pink kind of dominated the show.  LOVE these stripes!  While this bag is for sale in my Etsy store (customizable to your tastes), if you choose to make one yourself and have questions, please feel free to email me!  I'd love to help!  Wait until you see the wallet and change holder I made for her! Stay tuned.
For the bag, all of the fabrics except one (the 2nd from the top) are from the Scrumptious line by Bonnie & Camille!  I fell so in love with this line I bought extra's and will be starting this quilt with them this weekend!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Burlap Wreath

Still getting caught up with some of the goodies I've made lately.  We needed a new wreath for our front door.  Our Christmas wreath needed to be retired and I really wanted to have something for all year.  This one is VERY simple looking, but I made my 14" wreath and then instead of gluing the decorations on I just used some twine to hold them in place.  Now, after Christmas I can just take them off and change the look whenever I want :)  LOVE it!!!

Here's a close-up of that pretty, sparkly spray we picked up from Michaels.  Oh and the ribbon is wired, just so the bow stays fluffy :)  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Big Bang Theory e-Reader cover!

My poor little blog has been so neglected!  and I have so much to share :)  Ok, so today I am showing off a Big Bang Theory e-reader cover!  This one is for a Kobo Mini, I made this for a friend in Canada :)  This is listed in my store here (Big Bang Theory), but I can also make these in ANY fabrics you choose here.  We can also make these for ANY e-reader you have. 

I am so in LOVE with this e-reader cover style... 4 "corners" to hold in your reader snuggly, but also a couple of little pockets to hold in some extra goodies.  There is one longer pocket and 2 shorter pockets, except for the Kobo Mini size (it's just to small to hold both pocket layers).  The orange cover is holding a Kindle Fire, this one was a gift for a Stampy Friend back in CA :)  Well that's it for now, time to get back in the studio... I'm working a ruffled tote bag, can't wait to show that off!  Thanks for popping by, hope to see you again soon!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Matching Zippered Cosmetic Bag

A "stampy-friend" of mine ordered a bag from me and while she loved it she realized she forgot to ask for a zippered pocket in it.  So I made her this little bag.  It perfectly fits some of those "girlie things", some lipsticks and medicine bottles!  I just LOVE the ruffled look on the front (pattern from Noodlehead)

I did add some fusible fleece and a stiffer interfacing just to make it more "stable" (I just don't care for a whimpy bag with no shape ;)).  Well that's it for this quick post.  I'll have some new wallets for the store to share soon, as well as some quilt blocks I''m working on.  Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Keepsake Table runner

Still showing off some of the Christmas goodies I made for family.  I made this table runner for my parents.  In my last post I mentioned that my Mom recently had her Kitchen & part of the dining area re-done so I was focused on making some things for these rooms.  My Mom has a very pretty dining table, it's a nice darker wood and BIG... I think the soft colors of this runner will be perfect layed out across the top :)  I used Paris Flea Market by 3 Sisters for Moda fabric.
Earlier in the year I had asked my parents for a tracing of their hands (for a project for me), so I took those tracing and also took tracings of my house-holds hands.

I used a Tonal White pattern for the handprints and appliqued them to the top.  Then I had everyone sign their "hand" with a Black Copic Multiliner.

I attached buttons where the lattice overlaps.  A handful of years ago my Gramma gave me a large tin with LOTS of buttons in it :) Some were from her and some were from my Great-Gramma... clearly 3 buttons from this tin were just the perfect touch to finish this off.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Etched Glass gifts

Today I am showing off a couple of gifts I made for Christmas.  I got a Silhouette Portrait in December and was really excited to try out many of the cool things a Silhouette could do!

My parents recently re-did their kitchen and my Mom got a new China cabinet.  She commented at Thanksgiving that now she had room for another set of wine glasses (yup, she already has some wine glasses.  I'm beginning to think she's become a collector ;)).  I got some plain-ish wine glasses and  Monogram/etched them with a 'B'.  Etching was waaaaayyyyyyy too much fun!!!

This is a set of Hot Cocoa mugs for my In-laws.  The crane is from one of my logo's and I just LOVE the look of it.  

I am finally getting caught up on blog posts and have some new bags & sewing projects to share so come back again soon.  Thanks for popping by :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Brooke bag in Paisley!

Wowzers I am so behind with my blogging :(  I'm thinking that should be in my top 10 Resolutions for the new year, lol!  My cousin emailed me that she needed a bag for a friend with an upcoming birthday, the friend was a college student and she gave me her favorite colors.  The pattern is called Raspberry Ripple (by Melly & Me) and I have been dieing to make it!  We found this gorgeous Paisley fabric by Wilmington Prints, and it was perfect!!  The inner pleats and handles are a charcoal color, and I think it just really makes the Paisley POP!  The top band is a little harder to see, but it's an Aqua with white hearts... I LOVE the way this bag turned out!
The inside has 2 pockets...
and is just the right size for everyday!  As soon as I get caught up on orders, I'm making one of these for me!! This Brooke Bag can be found here in my Etsy store.  This weekend I am working on three bags that will heading to the UK for Christmas goodies! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holy Pink Diva Diaper bags Batman!

A friend of mine needed a Diaper Bag gift for someone at her office, she told me the girl LOVES the Kardashians and Pink and this is what we came up with.  Pink and black really aren't "my thing" but I just LOVE the way this bag turned out!!
The Bag has 2 large pockets inside as well as a cell phone pocket (complete with a velcro closing flap)
and a bottle pocket on the outside :)  The top flap closes with a magnetic snap.  Lots of room AND lots of style! :)  I like patterns that are flexible, here is this bag with a "cute baby look"... versatile :)  If you are interested in ordering a Diaper Bag, please head over to my Etsy Store, Crains Addiction!

Fabrics used: Dandy Damask in Candy by Michael Miller, Pinhead Dots in Black by Michael Miller, Small Black Chevron by Riley Blake Designs

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Insulated Lunch Purse, with a laminated lining

I have been wanting to make one of these for some time now.  I decided that I'd have to make the pattern myself since I couldn't find any that were exactly what I "small" dilemma, I haven't been sewing bags all that long AND I've never created my own pattern for anything other than quilts!  Oh yea, I should also add I don't think I've ever sewn a zipper, or used "do it yourself laminate".  This was going to be an adventure!  At one point Hubby had to order me to bed because I was tired and trying to finish "one more thing" and frustration was coming fast and furious!  It was NOT as painful as I had thought it might be, there were a few "lessons learned", but in the end, I LOVE my Lunch Purse!  I didn't have much fun with the "iron on laminate" stuff, I thought it would be smarter than buying laminated fabric since it really only has one use (for now) and it seems so limiting since not every fabric comes in a laminate, but after playing with the stuff, I think I'll just learn to live with finding and buying the pre-laminated stuff.  If any of yall have any tricks or tips for using the iron on stuff, I'd LOVE to hear them!  Well here's the inside (laminated) part...
The laminate seemed to want to seperate from the fabric when I manipulated the inside.  I do like that the bag is deep enough to hold a water bottle :)
I love the zipper all the way across.  I also did NOT want the zipper at the top, top of the bag so it sits about an inch or so down.  I used some InsulBright in the bag as well to keep lunches warm/cool.  For the finishing touches I grabbed a handful of ribbons from Ribbon Carousel made some bows and voila!  Pretty!!  Since I'm a SAHM with older kids I really don't have a need for one of these, so this one is for a friend... I hope she likes it.  I have added this as a "Custom Order" item in my Etsy store, but will be adding some more pre-made bags soon.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hand made Jam Labels and homemade Jam!!

This summer I was finally able to make all of the Jams I wanted to!  Well, I think I may need one more batch of Apricot (soooo yummy!), but we have a pretty good size stash and managed to give a few away :).  For me, labeling these silly jars is the most frustrating part!  I do NOT like the sticker labels (such a pain to remove!), even the water disolveable ones are icky (pull them out after a few months of storage and they look icky!).  Some of you may know that I am also a paper crafter so I went poking around for some ideas, and found this one from the brilliant Susan Liles...

So I ordered the dies and stamps I wanted and these are what I came up with... the heart labels are for my Daddy's PB&J stash ;)  I just used some Baker's Twine around the lid so it looks pretty when you present (and when you look in your pantry and see all of those pretty tags!) BUT here's the fun part...
I adhered a pop-dot on the back and left the "paper" on one side.  Once you've opened the jar for the first time you can stick this on the lid center and voila!  A Fridge-friendly jam label... you are still able to unscrew the rim.  Now I have to get my hind-end in gear and mail some of these jars to some of my friends :)  This year we made the following jams:  Triple Berry (1 whole batch for my Daddy and 1 batch for everyone else, lol), Blackberry Port, Spiced Peach Amaretto, Bourbon Peach & Vanilla Bean, Apple Butter & Apricot!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift

Well I think it's high time I start keeping this blog up to date :)  I've recently been sewing my heart out, working on items for my Etsy store, Crains Addiction.  Fortunately (double edged sword here, but I won't look a gift-horse in the mouth ;)) I have been blessed with LOTS of custom orders (makes filling the store slow, but again... I feel blessed).  Anyway, a family friend is getting ready to have her first baby so naturally I had to come up with a great and personal gift.  I apologize for the not so color clear photo :(
 I started off with this great diaper Bag, I called it the Rachel Diaper Bag.  I loved this bag because it is not ginormous, but has plenty of room to carry everything you need for a day out!  I chose the Children At Play line by Sarah Jane

Next up I made a Changing Mat/Diaper Clutch.  I used ribbon to hold it closed because velcro might have scratched baby's head :)  The inside is lined with Pink & white polka dot minky.... soooo soft!  The clutch holds a package of Baby Wipes as well as 1 or 2 diapers.

I made this simple, lined Drawstring bag.  It fits nicely inside the diaper bag and is just the right size for holding pacifiers, baby toys, etc.

 And last but not least, I made up 5 wash clothes lined with more Minky.

I am happy to say that she LOVED the gift :)  And even happier to say that aside from the Minky everything was rather easy to make!!  Well thanks for popping by, hope to see you again :)