Thursday, January 1, 2015

Planner Organizer

**Note:  As of right now, I haven't decided if I'll carry this in my Etsy Store or not, however... if you are interested in one or have any questions, please feel free to email me (tcbcrain at gmail dot com)**

My first project for the New Year!  and it's for ME!!!!!!  Of all of the things I've sewn not a single thing have I made for myself :(  and VERY few quilts I've made are in my home (none that are finished).  But this is for me!  Designed exactly the way I wanted it!  I've recently put together a planner for myself and made it petty with several cutesy things (I'll post more on my planner later), but I was missing one thing... a place for all of those colored pens I NEED, and the post it's and the little tags and the cute little clips.  I'd seen some people keep them on the inside of the their planner cover, but this makes it lumpy and not ideal when writing, etc.  I'd thought of a zippered pencil bag of sorts, but I really wanted something more organized... and so I started sewing...
There is a place for everything in this baby!!!!  I can easily put things away and quickly grab what I need.
I heard that!!!  Of course I NEED all of those pens!!!  Silly!  I don't know how or when it happened, but I've become VERY picky when it comes to pens.  I LOVE Gel ink pens, and the brand I LOVE didn't have enough colors, I found these that write nicely, with no skipping and no bleeding, etc.  One small issue... they are kinda chunky (which is another thing I NEED in a pen), so when making the little pockets for the pens, I had to "pucker" them a bit so the pens fit in nicely without distorting the shape of the whole "holder".
Next up post-it's, tabs & binder clips!  These little pockets fit the post-it's I like perefctly and these little tabs come on a cardboard holder thing which fits nicely under this little ribbon.  Those binder clips are white clips that I added some Washi Tape to to pretty them up a bit!  See that little pocket at the top?
It perfectly holds several cute green paper clips.  It's big enough to give me some flexibility with what I put in there, but it won't get bulky.
Of course I had to add a little somethin' on the front so I started up the Silhouette and made a monogram... it's just fused on there.
I added some ribbon to tie it closed, this gives me TONS of flexibility with how much I stuff inside ;)
And it all fits beautifully under my folder band thing-y on my planner... everything is secure and nothing falls out or shifts around!!  The best part about this is I can keep it on my planner so it's always handy if I need something, or I can take it off and set it aside when doing lots of planner entires/updates, etc.  Well that's it, thanks for peeking at my pretty planner organizer!  Hope to see you back here again!


  1. you are so talented, love this so much :)

  2. This is truly a work of art, masterpiece in every way! Erin C. better look out, because I ordered my granddaughter's each one of her Organizer's, the top of the line ones, as they are in University, and this one you created would be something I'd order for sure! Smiles! Oh, did I say, I luv it! The pen holder is awesome....every little piece in your binder is tremendous! Let me know when you start selling custom ones!