Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hand made Jam Labels and homemade Jam!!

This summer I was finally able to make all of the Jams I wanted to!  Well, I think I may need one more batch of Apricot (soooo yummy!), but we have a pretty good size stash and managed to give a few away :).  For me, labeling these silly jars is the most frustrating part!  I do NOT like the sticker labels (such a pain to remove!), even the water disolveable ones are icky (pull them out after a few months of storage and they look icky!).  Some of you may know that I am also a paper crafter so I went poking around for some ideas, and found this one from the brilliant Susan Liles...

So I ordered the dies and stamps I wanted and these are what I came up with... the heart labels are for my Daddy's PB&J stash ;)  I just used some Baker's Twine around the lid so it looks pretty when you present (and when you look in your pantry and see all of those pretty tags!) BUT here's the fun part...
I adhered a pop-dot on the back and left the "paper" on one side.  Once you've opened the jar for the first time you can stick this on the lid center and voila!  A Fridge-friendly jam label... you are still able to unscrew the rim.  Now I have to get my hind-end in gear and mail some of these jars to some of my friends :)  This year we made the following jams:  Triple Berry (1 whole batch for my Daddy and 1 batch for everyone else, lol), Blackberry Port, Spiced Peach Amaretto, Bourbon Peach & Vanilla Bean, Apple Butter & Apricot!!

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